Friday, September 12, 2008

Music's new posterboy for idiocy

Why are musicians getting involved in elections? Of course I'm loosely referring to Puff Daddy (AKA P Diddy, AKA Diddy, AKA Diddyduckedwhilethefatguytookthebullets). If I'm not mistaken, wouldn't this moron be part of the top 5% of America that Obamamessiah would supposedly raise taxes on?

So what is the motivation for this spur of support for Obama?

It can only be one of 3 things:

1. Obama is black. Puff D-diddily-izzle-fo-shizzle-duck-whilst-my-homie-gets-shot is black too. Makes sense. I mean, if you were a millionaire retard rapper that never worked for a dime that you had, and you had the opportunity to poke a stick into the fire without getting burned, wouldn't you? Mark my words, if there is going to be a race war in this country, Blacks like Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Ludacris (thanks for making a decent band change their name to Norma Jean to avoid being cross-referenced your crap music, moron), and Blow Daddy, I mean, Puff Daddy are going to start it. 

2. He's "giving back to the hood, yo". Keep it real, son.

3. Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. I wouldn't put it beneath this ignorant queerbait to be bought out by George Soros (The puppetmaster).

Five bucks says it's option #1. I think people are giving Puff Daddy a bit too much credit at the ballot. I mean, this man cannot even speak a proper English sentence, and we expect him to be able to understand real issues? 

As for Sean Combs, Your "music" sucks. Your demenor is far less than amicable, and it's clear that you're completely ignorant of reality. 

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