Friday, September 19, 2008

It's that time of the month!


Between the mainstream media and their hatred for Sarah Palin due to her presence presenting a threat to media's unopposed deity, and the Dykes over at NOW lacing up fresh pairs of protest-inducing combat boots, this country has become chock full of Palin haters.

But this thing, this D-list comedian that might have had a pity job here and there in the 90's (you all remember that era. This is back when mullets were fashionable, that Al Franken faggot still had a job, and Bill Clinton was still wagging the dog by lobbing bombs at camels and asprin factories in Afghanistan to draw attention away from his sexual escipades in a taxpayer-funded office) has simply gone too far. 

But wait! Isn't this the "party of tolerance"? If by tolerance you mean wishing that your enemies get gang-raped by a bunch of "vote for Obama because he'll make sure we do the same prison time as rich white kids for doing a deviate drug that will kill us faster" thugs, then yes, you're correct. 

Since when was it deemed appropriate to verbally assult a woman and her children simply because you don't agree with their politics? If this is now the standard, I have two extremely far-left liberal ex-girlfriends (each relationship lasted roughly 3 months, much like a Clintonian fling sans the cankle fetish and cigars) that could use a good thrashing. Perhaps I should apply the Democrat version of "Tolerance" here?

Or better yet, downtown Lexington has a wealth of gay clubs where I can stand outside and practice the Democrat version of tolerance; when I say gay club, I of course mean the Actor's Guild of Lexington. Funny enough, they're all registered Democrats, so they'll appriciate some of the alternative expressions that I can create to display my enthusiasm for "tolerance"

Must be that time of the month.....




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