Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Cincinnati Tea party: A Photographic representation

Today I participated in my first protest. Allow me to explain why it was my first. When I was stationed in Korea, about 3 months away from my honorable discharge, I had an argument with my Father about staying in Korea. Obviously, my parents wanted me home, but I was going to wed a young Korean girl, and thought it best that I stay in Korea (best for her). My father told me, "We're going to need you here in the country, son, there may be a civil war brewing. There are very bad things going on, and your country needs you home" I laughed him off. 

Fast forward 6 months. I noticed some very wrong things going on in our country. The political climate was extremely bloodthirsty, and I saw the liberals trying to push things that were simply, well, wrong. Something started brewing (pun intended) inside of me. Since that time, I've been so angry about what's been going on in this beautiful country of mine. You never really understand what you're fighting for until you see the bloodbath, and you never really understand what your country is worth until you watch a friend die for it, or are forced to kill another man so that your family can live in peace. You never understand true anger and outrage until you take these experiences into thought while you watch those elected to serve the country take a piss on it.

So here I am, protesting. I'll be damned if they take this country without a fight. And believe me, I'm one hell of a fighter, and so is everyone else that's shown up to these.



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