Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Such a professional crew......The Obama Administration

For those of you that don't know (this won't be on the evening news tonight), Your president's administration has been hard at work....

Fixing the economy that they F***ed up with the "congressional oversight" that I wrote about in an earlier post? 


Creating strategy to fight a short, effective war in Afghanistan with minimal troop and equipment loss? 


The Obama Administration is hard at work.....trying to figure out ways to take down Rush Limbaugh. So America, just so you understand, You paid Rahm "The F-Bomb" Emmanuel, Barack Obama, Robert Gibbs (suck a fat one, Gibbs), and Hillary Clintonov to think of methods to take down a radio host purely for political reasons. Your tax dollars are lining their pockets for this. They're hiring hit men like (P)Saul Begala, James Carvelle (is that guy Asian or something? Meh, who knows), and a wealth of other "personalities" that have no real job, or role in life. So all of you people that voted for them, meet your "ethical" White House. 

First they pissed away your tax dollars on pet projects with that yankee queer, Schmucky (up)Chuck Schumer. Now they're using your tax dollars to take down a Radio Host. Let's imagine for a minute that this was Bush, going after that lesbian on Air America. The liberal media would have gone insane. Instead, Olbermann is in his back office right now masturbating and salivating while watching the Gibbs press conference. 

Barack Hussein Obama consistently compares himself to Lincoln. Would Lincoln have spent time on the Taxpayer clock to imagine and execute ways to assassinate the character of his political enemies? Would Lincoln have given the finger to taxpayers to push his own agenda, even if the taxpayers didn't want it? No. Only a wretch like Obama- the epitome of filth, would have done that.

Let's make Obama's little comparison fantasy a little more accurate:

Obama = Nixon 



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