Monday, October 6, 2008


I do, from time to time stop my ranting to say something positive. Here it is.

Amen to what Gov. Palin says here. Just ask any mother if emotions run high when some idiot in the crowd can't compose him or herself well enough to make a valid protest in the proper place.

You know, I'm not a fan of the war either. I hate war just as much as anyone in the world. And I, unlike 87% of liberals in this country, am qualified to speak about war, noting that I've fought in one, particularly this one. There is a time, and a place to speak about distaste for war....

but guess what?

The time and place is not in the presence of a mother who has reluctantly but understandably watched her son go off to fight in defense of the very freedom that allows some prick to go and shovel his hatemongering.

I often ponder the irony of fighting for the rights of people to commit acts that you despise and find offensive. What's worse is that these same people never think to ponder what you've endured.

In other news, that happy faggot Barney Frank is telling us how racist we are for criticizing his toy congress for passing the Socialism Bill of 2008. Meanwhile, he's lining his pockets with our tax dollars.



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