Tuesday, March 24, 2009


There aren't many people that are what anyone would call "happy" with the Republican party these days. But I, being a true Conservative, am disgusted with the betrayal of the Republican party to its base. 

Republican politicians have become near-useless. They are cowards, and will bend to the will of the filthy liberals that have poison and wreaked havoc upon the country (only took them about 2 months too!) . We have a very few Senators left that have the balls to stand up to these liberals in the interest of the voters that they represent. Liberals tend to leave this simple fact out in their equation, name calling, and attacks towards the right. No elected official is voted in to be "bipartisan", they're voted in to represent the people that have voted for them. Liberals twist this fact on a regular basis. "Partisan politics WAHHHHH WAHHHH BLAH BLAH BLAH, I'm BETTER THAN YOU!!!!" This is straight from the horse's mouth, Nancy Pelosi (sorry to any horses I may have offended). 

I didn't fight in Iraq to come home to a communist dump. Yet the reward that I got for my service was to have my rights that I fought for and earned stripped away from me, because a few liberals crafted up a housing crisis, destroyed the economy, then tricked the moronic part of the public that they've carefully indoctrinated through their education system into voting for a liberal puppet. I've been fighting the same Totalitarian pricks that we have in the White House right now, and I'm sick of it. Now I face losing representation in my state because some RINO wants to keep his job that he hasn't fought to deserve?

When I left America to go fight a war for it, you used to be able to move to a different state if you didn't like the laws in one state. Because of liberals, that's no longer possible. These people don't believe in rights, they believe in a nanny state, and forcing you to follow their liberal doctrine regardless of your right to believe what you want. 

Liberals think that equality and fairness should be circumstantial. If you're gay, liberals think that a minister that does not believe that homosexuality is right and does not believe in gay marriage should be forced to provide services to gay people, or suffer a civil suit that would destroy their lives and families. Simply because they are practicing a constitutionally protected right. However when you put money into it, it's a different story. Liberals believe that a person making $50,000/year should be taxed less than a person making $100,000/year. Where's the equality? It doesn't apply. Liberals HATE success, and want to punish it every chance they get. Look at liberal voting records. 

Liberals are going to destroy free society in the name of "progress" and "equality". Equality for everyone but the puppetmasters pulling the strings of the ignorant morons that voted for totalitarianism. 

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