Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to accurately describe an American Liberal

I find it funny that the left is now blatantly doing what they accuse the right of. For instance, Media bias. It's well known that NBC, CNN, Comedy Central, The Nickelodeon family of networks (Nick, Nick at night, Noggin, MTV, MTV2, VH1, Vh1 Classics, and all the other crappy music and children's channels that I don't get), (p)MSNBC, CNBC, CNN:HN, CBS, and now even ABC all serve the interests of liberals, and liberal programming. Conservatives have Fox News (kinda), and Talk Radio. There is nothing balanced about trashing Palin's family without also trashing Michelle Obama (although Palin's kids never campaigned for her, Michelle Obama campaigned for her husband).

Aside from this, they try to attach a negative connotation to the word "partisan" as if it's wrong to be steadfast to your beliefs. Of course, liberals don't have standards (unless you include the standards of making sure that the wealth gets redistributed, or the standard that dictates maxing out the countries federal credit car!), so if Conservatives don't agree with them, "THEY'RE PARTISAN!!!!!!111!1!11!1!111!one1!1!1!11!!!!!!". We get called names like "Nazi" and "Fascist" for belief that states should govern themselves, and be void of the chains of the Federal Government, for the belief that law-abiding citizens have the right to own a gun without having to register it in some federal database that allows the government to spy on citizens, and for the belief that the government should generally stay out of the people's business unless the people break the law (provided that the law respects liberties of the people. Fascist my ass.

So when liberals expand the government, restrict liberties, restrict wealth, restrict rights to gun ownership, restrict the right to decide where a person's money should be spent, and restrict the right of young Americans to freely practice their religion in school,  what are we supposed to do?

These liberals have:

-Forced us to use our own money to support Abortions overseas regardless of where we stand on the issue(petty)
-Forced us to use our money to support pet projects for their states under the guise of a "stimulus" (petty)
-Forced us to use our money to support research that destroys embryos, regardless of where we believe that life starts (petty)
-Blamed the housing crisis that THEY ALLOWED IN 2004 TO FLOURISH INTO AN ALL-OUT RECESSION on Republicans. (hypocritical)
-As the Congressional and Senatorial majority, forced us to bail out Wall Street instead of taking up Republican suggestions for tax cuts, then blamed it on Republicans when it was an utter failure (then redirected the anger at the Greedy CEO's  for being......Greedy, nuance). (hypocritical)
-Criticized Nixon for the Enemies list, yet went after Rush Limbaugh during an economic crisis that they facilitated. (hypocritical) 

So which one  are you, liberals? Petty or Hypocritical? You're one or the other, there is no room in the question for any description other than those two. You had your chance for the last 2o0 years to prove otherwise, and you've failed to prove that you're anything other than a group of petty hypocrites.



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