Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Republican party is at it again! Screwing their own!

Republicans have abandoned the voters that put them there in the first place. What should we do? Abandon the Republican party. Leave it to die. It's become flooded with independents that are too stupid to make a decision on what color they want thier car to be. These people aren't representing you, they're looking out for their own political future. 

For the most part, I support Bunning. He's voted along the lines that the people voted him in for for quite a while. McConnell hasn't. McConnell has bent over backwards to keep his job and save his cowardly hide, now he's taking money that could be better spent on making sure an actual conservative gets elected. Now we're going to lose the only Senator that has a decent voting record to these liberals that will destroy our country, and turn us into a modern-day socialist wasteland.

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