Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Progress" report! Liberals want to keep us in the Stone age!

Reuters reports that our good old liberal friends in the legislative branch will be "bailing out" the newspaper organizations. Gee who'da thought the Libs would whip out the country's maxxed-out credit card to save something so near and dear?

With many U.S. newspapers struggling to survive, a Democratic senator on Tuesday introduced a bill to help them by allowing newspaper companies to restructure as nonprofits with a variety of tax breaks.

What's funny about this is that liberals claim to be Progressive. The fact is that they're only progressive when it suits their political agenda. With the internet being the fastest method of receiving news and information, the papers literally have no chance to survive in a networked world. In essence, the liberals are trying to delay the inevitable by trying to rescue the aged media outlet.  With most newspapers being a liberal-run, government reporting faction, the so-called "Progressives" (a word used to try to tidy up the stain that liberals have put on themselves), they're quickly dying in a world that no longer needs them.

After all, why not save the largest waste of natural resources known to man? Especially when you can read about why you should to protest drilling in the U.S. and how evil coal is!

David Adams and Kentucky progress reveals more about this dead horse media:

Let's all watch now as the liberals try to explain why this media should be saved. Methinks they'll be beating the dead horse.

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