Thursday, March 26, 2009

Socializing College Football!

Now the same idiots that are making us pay the mortgages of irresponsible morons and kept pumping money into a failure of a company like AIG are now trying to put their hands on College Football and screw it up just as much as they've screwed up the country! I mean, hey, why stop at ruining free-market capitalism and health care?

To clarify: I seriously doubt that Utah would have been undefeated if they had a difficult schedule during the regular season. They played one single decent team at the end of a rediculously easy season; a team that lost their thunder after suffering a beatdown from Florida. They would have lost to USC, they would have lost to Oklahoma, they would have lost to Texas Tech, and they would have lost to Florida. Florida would have slaughtered them worse than they slaugtered Oklahoma. I'm not a Florida fan by any means (hate them big time), but let's face it. These whiney little midwest kids simply can't produce the caliber of football player that the SEC, and a few other random teams around the country do.

If they want to appear in a National Championship, they need a tougher schedule. The sentate needs to focus on National Problems, leave College Football alone!

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