Monday, April 13, 2009

Obama's Government-run Media Circus gets their panties in a twist over being TeaBagged

13 Minutes of some communist dyke getting her panties in a twist about Tea Parties. The left is starting to get mighty scared. See how that dyke laughs to try to contain her enochlophobia.

The most poorly rated news outlet in America tries to boost their ratings by pandering to their ill-informed audience, again. It never ceases to amaze me how this lesbian freak with a hairstyle reminiscent of Rick Astley, Rachel (Ron) Maddow, as unprofessional as (he) she is, still has a job. Then I remind myself that MSNBC is likely funded by George Soros, and hand-fed their stories by the likes of Robert Gibbs (Baghdad Bob). 

This is the same organization that calls Fox News biased, while Rachel (Steve) Maddow and Keith Olberdouche are consistently trashing Conservatives for being......Conservative. 

Here's a tip Maddow, ditch your show, drop your MSNBC salary, get yourself a pair of shorts and a dirty t-shirt,  grab a camouflaged handkerchief for your nasty filth-ridden hair, continue to refuse to take a shower and go join the rest of the dykes at Berkley to protest men....or something.

Meanwhile, we'll continue to have meaningful protests, regardless of how your left-wing media crapshoot reports on it. No wonder your ratings are so piss-poor. 

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