Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Carefully Crafted Crisis

This video proves it all. Barack Obama CANNOT WIN without a mirace. Well, here it is. Quite coincidental.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

It's that time of the month!


Between the mainstream media and their hatred for Sarah Palin due to her presence presenting a threat to media's unopposed deity, and the Dykes over at NOW lacing up fresh pairs of protest-inducing combat boots, this country has become chock full of Palin haters.

But this thing, this D-list comedian that might have had a pity job here and there in the 90's (you all remember that era. This is back when mullets were fashionable, that Al Franken faggot still had a job, and Bill Clinton was still wagging the dog by lobbing bombs at camels and asprin factories in Afghanistan to draw attention away from his sexual escipades in a taxpayer-funded office) has simply gone too far. 

But wait! Isn't this the "party of tolerance"? If by tolerance you mean wishing that your enemies get gang-raped by a bunch of "vote for Obama because he'll make sure we do the same prison time as rich white kids for doing a deviate drug that will kill us faster" thugs, then yes, you're correct. 

Since when was it deemed appropriate to verbally assult a woman and her children simply because you don't agree with their politics? If this is now the standard, I have two extremely far-left liberal ex-girlfriends (each relationship lasted roughly 3 months, much like a Clintonian fling sans the cankle fetish and cigars) that could use a good thrashing. Perhaps I should apply the Democrat version of "Tolerance" here?

Or better yet, downtown Lexington has a wealth of gay clubs where I can stand outside and practice the Democrat version of tolerance; when I say gay club, I of course mean the Actor's Guild of Lexington. Funny enough, they're all registered Democrats, so they'll appriciate some of the alternative expressions that I can create to display my enthusiasm for "tolerance"

Must be that time of the month.....



Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vote for that Liberal Whacko becuase the tranvestite brit says so!

You hear that, America?

This "representative of the global community" just instructed you to vote for a liberal whacko to lead your country.

Now ask yourselves, how often has the global community shared American interests and beliefs?

Now ask yourselves if you're going to let a British transvestite that uses a fake gutter-pub English accent tell you what to do?

Come on, this thing can't even pronounce basic English words. Russell Brand, go back to your country, you're not welcome here. In fact, I heard you've had some trouble with La Migra


Friday, September 12, 2008

Music's new posterboy for idiocy

Why are musicians getting involved in elections? Of course I'm loosely referring to Puff Daddy (AKA P Diddy, AKA Diddy, AKA Diddyduckedwhilethefatguytookthebullets). If I'm not mistaken, wouldn't this moron be part of the top 5% of America that Obamamessiah would supposedly raise taxes on?

So what is the motivation for this spur of support for Obama?

It can only be one of 3 things:

1. Obama is black. Puff D-diddily-izzle-fo-shizzle-duck-whilst-my-homie-gets-shot is black too. Makes sense. I mean, if you were a millionaire retard rapper that never worked for a dime that you had, and you had the opportunity to poke a stick into the fire without getting burned, wouldn't you? Mark my words, if there is going to be a race war in this country, Blacks like Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Ludacris (thanks for making a decent band change their name to Norma Jean to avoid being cross-referenced your crap music, moron), and Blow Daddy, I mean, Puff Daddy are going to start it. 

2. He's "giving back to the hood, yo". Keep it real, son.

3. Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. I wouldn't put it beneath this ignorant queerbait to be bought out by George Soros (The puppetmaster).

Five bucks says it's option #1. I think people are giving Puff Daddy a bit too much credit at the ballot. I mean, this man cannot even speak a proper English sentence, and we expect him to be able to understand real issues? 

As for Sean Combs, Your "music" sucks. Your demenor is far less than amicable, and it's clear that you're completely ignorant of reality. 

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