Thursday, March 26, 2009

Socializing College Football!

Now the same idiots that are making us pay the mortgages of irresponsible morons and kept pumping money into a failure of a company like AIG are now trying to put their hands on College Football and screw it up just as much as they've screwed up the country! I mean, hey, why stop at ruining free-market capitalism and health care?

To clarify: I seriously doubt that Utah would have been undefeated if they had a difficult schedule during the regular season. They played one single decent team at the end of a rediculously easy season; a team that lost their thunder after suffering a beatdown from Florida. They would have lost to USC, they would have lost to Oklahoma, they would have lost to Texas Tech, and they would have lost to Florida. Florida would have slaughtered them worse than they slaugtered Oklahoma. I'm not a Florida fan by any means (hate them big time), but let's face it. These whiney little midwest kids simply can't produce the caliber of football player that the SEC, and a few other random teams around the country do.

If they want to appear in a National Championship, they need a tougher schedule. The sentate needs to focus on National Problems, leave College Football alone!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey! Socialist blogs are run like Socialist countries!

In a recent conversation I had with a member of a left-wing, pro-socialist, anti-civil rights, anti-male, and freedom-bashing blog local to my hometown known as "Barefoot and Progressive" My posts were removed by a moderator due to what was stated as my satirical reference to a person with ScreenName "BimBeau". I referenced this person as "Bimbo" to make a point regarding the intellect of the poster, or lack thereof. This was regarded by an administrator of this totalitarian, neo-nazi blog known as Terri. The contents of my post that was removed is show above.

This is simple proof that the liberals that moderate "Barefoot and Progressive" refuse to hold a substantive conversation with a member of another ideology, and prefer to host mindless and baseless garbage from Kentucky's most disgusting and snobby elitists, while removing posts that disagree with their mindless feminazi diatribes under the guise of "sexism" and "RACCCCCISSSTTTTT!!!!"

Good job Terri! Way to prove me right!

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"Progress" report! Liberals want to keep us in the Stone age!

Reuters reports that our good old liberal friends in the legislative branch will be "bailing out" the newspaper organizations. Gee who'da thought the Libs would whip out the country's maxxed-out credit card to save something so near and dear?

With many U.S. newspapers struggling to survive, a Democratic senator on Tuesday introduced a bill to help them by allowing newspaper companies to restructure as nonprofits with a variety of tax breaks.

What's funny about this is that liberals claim to be Progressive. The fact is that they're only progressive when it suits their political agenda. With the internet being the fastest method of receiving news and information, the papers literally have no chance to survive in a networked world. In essence, the liberals are trying to delay the inevitable by trying to rescue the aged media outlet.  With most newspapers being a liberal-run, government reporting faction, the so-called "Progressives" (a word used to try to tidy up the stain that liberals have put on themselves), they're quickly dying in a world that no longer needs them.

After all, why not save the largest waste of natural resources known to man? Especially when you can read about why you should to protest drilling in the U.S. and how evil coal is!

David Adams and Kentucky progress reveals more about this dead horse media:

Let's all watch now as the liberals try to explain why this media should be saved. Methinks they'll be beating the dead horse.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Republican party is at it again! Screwing their own!

Republicans have abandoned the voters that put them there in the first place. What should we do? Abandon the Republican party. Leave it to die. It's become flooded with independents that are too stupid to make a decision on what color they want thier car to be. These people aren't representing you, they're looking out for their own political future. 

For the most part, I support Bunning. He's voted along the lines that the people voted him in for for quite a while. McConnell hasn't. McConnell has bent over backwards to keep his job and save his cowardly hide, now he's taking money that could be better spent on making sure an actual conservative gets elected. Now we're going to lose the only Senator that has a decent voting record to these liberals that will destroy our country, and turn us into a modern-day socialist wasteland.

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There aren't many people that are what anyone would call "happy" with the Republican party these days. But I, being a true Conservative, am disgusted with the betrayal of the Republican party to its base. 

Republican politicians have become near-useless. They are cowards, and will bend to the will of the filthy liberals that have poison and wreaked havoc upon the country (only took them about 2 months too!) . We have a very few Senators left that have the balls to stand up to these liberals in the interest of the voters that they represent. Liberals tend to leave this simple fact out in their equation, name calling, and attacks towards the right. No elected official is voted in to be "bipartisan", they're voted in to represent the people that have voted for them. Liberals twist this fact on a regular basis. "Partisan politics WAHHHHH WAHHHH BLAH BLAH BLAH, I'm BETTER THAN YOU!!!!" This is straight from the horse's mouth, Nancy Pelosi (sorry to any horses I may have offended). 

I didn't fight in Iraq to come home to a communist dump. Yet the reward that I got for my service was to have my rights that I fought for and earned stripped away from me, because a few liberals crafted up a housing crisis, destroyed the economy, then tricked the moronic part of the public that they've carefully indoctrinated through their education system into voting for a liberal puppet. I've been fighting the same Totalitarian pricks that we have in the White House right now, and I'm sick of it. Now I face losing representation in my state because some RINO wants to keep his job that he hasn't fought to deserve?

When I left America to go fight a war for it, you used to be able to move to a different state if you didn't like the laws in one state. Because of liberals, that's no longer possible. These people don't believe in rights, they believe in a nanny state, and forcing you to follow their liberal doctrine regardless of your right to believe what you want. 

Liberals think that equality and fairness should be circumstantial. If you're gay, liberals think that a minister that does not believe that homosexuality is right and does not believe in gay marriage should be forced to provide services to gay people, or suffer a civil suit that would destroy their lives and families. Simply because they are practicing a constitutionally protected right. However when you put money into it, it's a different story. Liberals believe that a person making $50,000/year should be taxed less than a person making $100,000/year. Where's the equality? It doesn't apply. Liberals HATE success, and want to punish it every chance they get. Look at liberal voting records. 

Liberals are going to destroy free society in the name of "progress" and "equality". Equality for everyone but the puppetmasters pulling the strings of the ignorant morons that voted for totalitarianism. 

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Creepy Zeig Heil! moment of the day UPDATE: Former broken link to Obama Youth Frat fixed

Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and King George all demanded the same exact thing. What seperates Obama? To put it plainly, he's black. Anyone that says anything against him for any reason is a racist in the eyes of a black or a liberal.

Well guess what? THIS IS CREEPY. I've got many many guns, and a fierce soul. I refuse to sign this crock of crap.

Just another video that supplements the original, shown below. This is a cult, nothing less, only this time, it's not just some creepy fat black kids in the cult, it's everyday people. Buy some water, it's going to be a long winter when the government starts handing out freaking kool-aid with Cyanide and Vodka.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Tea Party!

I believe my earlier estimation was WAY off. From the looks of it, we may have had over 1,500 present at the Tea Party. I'm doing my best at the moment to grab an accurate count. 1,500 is huge for a town of less than 500,000.

The speakers were moving and passionate. It makes me feel great that there are others that will not stand up for the outrageous tax-and-spend policies of the Obama Administration, our entire legislative (failure) branch, and our disgraceful state Governor, Steve Beshear.

More on Twitter


Overhead shots

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Estimated 300-500 UPDATED: 1200-1500 strong!

My thoughts exactly!

Even a child understands better than ophan boy, Timmy G.

An attempt at a Pano!

The central theme of the day.

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More pics from the tea party

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Gatewood speaks!

Strong words from Gatewood. Although it could have done without the weed references, this kind of thing isn't exactly the forum for it.

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More tea party pics

The protest turnout is looking good early on. At least 500 are present at this very moment

Ooh! News coverage. Where's NBC? No where to be found UPDATE: Lexington Herald Leader refuses to cover tea party until 2 days after protest is held.

Lots of people for as small a city as Lexington.

From the back!

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Liveblogging the Lexington Tea party

Today I will be liveblogging the tea party of Lexington, Ky at the current moment, we are over 200-strong keep a look out for more pics to come!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh the spin!

Pelosi and Obama are in full retreat, vets are safe least for now:

“President Obama listened to the genuine concerns expressed by the veteran service organizations regarding the option of billing service-connected injuries to veterans’ insurance companies,” said Pelosi. “Based on the respect President Obama has for veterans and the principle concerns of our veteran leaders, the president made the decision that combat wounds should not be billed through their insurance policies.”
Gee thanks for shooting down an idea that are grounds for firing Shinseki. Oh thank you so much Nancy! Us giyze iz so thankfull that U R taking kare uv us in IRAK!

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You know it's bad when your own people start wailing on you

I haven't written about this yet, but perhaps it's time a few people learn the truth about how the Obama administration is going to cut spending..


Yes, you heard it right. Your federal government seeks to screw our troops on healthcare, but make sure they pay for the healthcare of those that don't work and children of illegal immigrants (S-CHIP). 

This is a dispicable act, even for douchebags like Shinseki and Obama. I personally think that this is a ploy to move people off of private health insurance and onto  government run insurance. Why else would Obama risk his reputation? Think about it, if you force soldiers to be covered by private insurance, it will bankrupt insurance companies, as people will not be able to afford the premiums that exist as a result of these private insurance companies having to pay for expensive mechanical prosthetic limbs, expensive reconstructive surgeries/amputations, medicines and all of the other expensive proceedures that are meant to reconstruct a person after combat.

What's next Obama, you asshole? Are you going to make soldiers cover their own sappy plates? Kevlars? MOLLE Vests? Ammo?

You know that you're an epic fail when the most liberal fake newscaster starts wailing on you.

This is more than dispicable, it's an outrage. Obama is a traitor to every man and woman that serves this country.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to accurately describe an American Liberal

I find it funny that the left is now blatantly doing what they accuse the right of. For instance, Media bias. It's well known that NBC, CNN, Comedy Central, The Nickelodeon family of networks (Nick, Nick at night, Noggin, MTV, MTV2, VH1, Vh1 Classics, and all the other crappy music and children's channels that I don't get), (p)MSNBC, CNBC, CNN:HN, CBS, and now even ABC all serve the interests of liberals, and liberal programming. Conservatives have Fox News (kinda), and Talk Radio. There is nothing balanced about trashing Palin's family without also trashing Michelle Obama (although Palin's kids never campaigned for her, Michelle Obama campaigned for her husband).

Aside from this, they try to attach a negative connotation to the word "partisan" as if it's wrong to be steadfast to your beliefs. Of course, liberals don't have standards (unless you include the standards of making sure that the wealth gets redistributed, or the standard that dictates maxing out the countries federal credit car!), so if Conservatives don't agree with them, "THEY'RE PARTISAN!!!!!!111!1!11!1!111!one1!1!1!11!!!!!!". We get called names like "Nazi" and "Fascist" for belief that states should govern themselves, and be void of the chains of the Federal Government, for the belief that law-abiding citizens have the right to own a gun without having to register it in some federal database that allows the government to spy on citizens, and for the belief that the government should generally stay out of the people's business unless the people break the law (provided that the law respects liberties of the people. Fascist my ass.

So when liberals expand the government, restrict liberties, restrict wealth, restrict rights to gun ownership, restrict the right to decide where a person's money should be spent, and restrict the right of young Americans to freely practice their religion in school,  what are we supposed to do?

These liberals have:

-Forced us to use our own money to support Abortions overseas regardless of where we stand on the issue(petty)
-Forced us to use our money to support pet projects for their states under the guise of a "stimulus" (petty)
-Forced us to use our money to support research that destroys embryos, regardless of where we believe that life starts (petty)
-Blamed the housing crisis that THEY ALLOWED IN 2004 TO FLOURISH INTO AN ALL-OUT RECESSION on Republicans. (hypocritical)
-As the Congressional and Senatorial majority, forced us to bail out Wall Street instead of taking up Republican suggestions for tax cuts, then blamed it on Republicans when it was an utter failure (then redirected the anger at the Greedy CEO's  for being......Greedy, nuance). (hypocritical)
-Criticized Nixon for the Enemies list, yet went after Rush Limbaugh during an economic crisis that they facilitated. (hypocritical) 

So which one  are you, liberals? Petty or Hypocritical? You're one or the other, there is no room in the question for any description other than those two. You had your chance for the last 2o0 years to prove otherwise, and you've failed to prove that you're anything other than a group of petty hypocrites.


The vast Left-wing Conspiracy: The truth is finally out

So the left is indeed performing the crap that they accused Fox News of, but can't prove? Methinks Ed Morrissey of HotAir is correct:

For years, writers on the Right have heard the accusations from our counterparts that Fox News manipulates news by coordinating with bloggers, something that in my entire five-plus years of blogging I have never seen, and I think I’d have been in a position to see it.  Now it seems like those accusations were more like projection.

Anyone remeber this?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Commenting now open

I am (gulp) opening commenting to anyone. Please don't post anything stupid, your comments will be moderated. That's not to say that you can't have a differing opinion, just no random slander.

If you're intelligent, it will get posted.

The Cincinnati Tea party: A Photographic representation

Today I participated in my first protest. Allow me to explain why it was my first. When I was stationed in Korea, about 3 months away from my honorable discharge, I had an argument with my Father about staying in Korea. Obviously, my parents wanted me home, but I was going to wed a young Korean girl, and thought it best that I stay in Korea (best for her). My father told me, "We're going to need you here in the country, son, there may be a civil war brewing. There are very bad things going on, and your country needs you home" I laughed him off. 

Fast forward 6 months. I noticed some very wrong things going on in our country. The political climate was extremely bloodthirsty, and I saw the liberals trying to push things that were simply, well, wrong. Something started brewing (pun intended) inside of me. Since that time, I've been so angry about what's been going on in this beautiful country of mine. You never really understand what you're fighting for until you see the bloodbath, and you never really understand what your country is worth until you watch a friend die for it, or are forced to kill another man so that your family can live in peace. You never understand true anger and outrage until you take these experiences into thought while you watch those elected to serve the country take a piss on it.

So here I am, protesting. I'll be damned if they take this country without a fight. And believe me, I'm one hell of a fighter, and so is everyone else that's shown up to these.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some thoughts on Madoff

Bernie Madoff, the financial rapist that completely ruined the lives of so many Americans is a dispicable man. But there are even more dispicable men and women just like him. Their names include Nancy Pelosi, Hank Paulson, Harry Reid, Charlie Chuck "mind your  Allahdamned business, except the Alladamned business that drives me around in a nicer car than you own" Rangel, Barney "the fuddpacker" Frank, Arlen "this old backstabbing Benedict Arnold bastard isn't dead yet?" Specter, and yes, especially Chuck "OINK OINK OINK OINK OINK OINK!!!!" Schumer.

All the people that I just listed didn't stop at a measley 50 billion. They went for the gusto and commited taxpayer (or as I call them "American Investors!") theft and fraud of over 1.3 trillion dollars thus far. Why aren't these people in jail?

Because Obama is in charge. The Gipper would have these ruthless money-grubbing special interest whores thrown in prision. As would Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blast from the Past

It never gets old. 

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People of the world can rest easy knowing that their sons and daughters with Autism, Brain Damage, and Mental retardation are still smarter than this horse's ass. 

If only this emo fag would just kill himself.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Elected representative ethics are none of our business!

As you can see, Charlie clearly tells us all that his actions that relate to the use of YOUR and MY money are none of our Allahdamned/Gaiadamned/CattleDamned/BuddhaDamned business!

How dare us little people question an elected bureaucrat.

Go to hell, Rangel, you're filth.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Such a professional crew......The Obama Administration

For those of you that don't know (this won't be on the evening news tonight), Your president's administration has been hard at work....

Fixing the economy that they F***ed up with the "congressional oversight" that I wrote about in an earlier post? 


Creating strategy to fight a short, effective war in Afghanistan with minimal troop and equipment loss? 


The Obama Administration is hard at work.....trying to figure out ways to take down Rush Limbaugh. So America, just so you understand, You paid Rahm "The F-Bomb" Emmanuel, Barack Obama, Robert Gibbs (suck a fat one, Gibbs), and Hillary Clintonov to think of methods to take down a radio host purely for political reasons. Your tax dollars are lining their pockets for this. They're hiring hit men like (P)Saul Begala, James Carvelle (is that guy Asian or something? Meh, who knows), and a wealth of other "personalities" that have no real job, or role in life. So all of you people that voted for them, meet your "ethical" White House. 

First they pissed away your tax dollars on pet projects with that yankee queer, Schmucky (up)Chuck Schumer. Now they're using your tax dollars to take down a Radio Host. Let's imagine for a minute that this was Bush, going after that lesbian on Air America. The liberal media would have gone insane. Instead, Olbermann is in his back office right now masturbating and salivating while watching the Gibbs press conference. 

Barack Hussein Obama consistently compares himself to Lincoln. Would Lincoln have spent time on the Taxpayer clock to imagine and execute ways to assassinate the character of his political enemies? Would Lincoln have given the finger to taxpayers to push his own agenda, even if the taxpayers didn't want it? No. Only a wretch like Obama- the epitome of filth, would have done that.

Let's make Obama's little comparison fantasy a little more accurate:

Obama = Nixon